The Journey of Gamecubator Labs
Saturday, 04 March 2017 02:48

The journey for Gamecubator Labs has been quite an exciting one till date. We published Chef story, Bubble Blast and My Food Truck all within a span of 1 year. 

The Journey:
We have been able to embed our games on 2 million devices across platforms in 2016. 

Our first success with Chef Story gaining massive global attention on the Play Store was followed by an equally well received release of Bubble Blast in mid 2016. 

The inspiring success of the first 2 releases in 2016 led us to develop My Food Truck. Our approach to My Food Truck was to focus on simple differentiators and find a balance between the new features and game mechanics.

Trucks, food, travel, trivia and not to forget the selfies; to bring these bits together and have a theme that’s unique to match-3 is what we tried. Sounds easy, but there were many challenges and we are happy to have succeeded. We were featured in the holiday collection. 

My Food Truck had a successful start and only gained better coverage by being chosen globally among very few titles which were featured in the Holiday collection of the Play Store in December 2016.
We couldn't ask for a better start to 2017, with a global feature again by the Play Store at number one spot in the new and updated games section on Google Play Store.We would love to thank everyone who has contributed towards making this possible for the studio.

We are hoping for a more interesting year in 2017. We promise to ring in more surprises this year. So, stay tuned!
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Comment by Henrietta February 12, 2014 Saturday, 11 March 2017

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