Casual connect at Gamecubator Labs through an open house session
Wednesday, 05 April 2017 02:27

In an effort to move forward efficiently, Gamecubator Labs had its First ever Open house session to discuss the following important pointers:

Exciting releases and huge partnerships to look forward to this 2017:

This 2017, Gamecubator Labs is teaming up with Play Motion studios and is set to launch games across genres like simulation and puzzle. In what was disclosed in the session, the games are expected to be ones with longer development cycles and also shorter development ones. Gamecubator Labs are also looking to team up with Bollywood movies to develop games for them as well this 2017. The management is open for offers from the movie industry to take up projects now with an increased fire power at their disposal. 

Gamecubator Labs is proud to present multiple options for potential partnerships with publishers, developers and investors. If you have a great game developed but don't have a good launch pad for your games, then Gamecubator Labs will help you publish it. If you think you have an amazing idea and would also like to publish it but do not have the resources to develop it, then Gamecubator Labs will help you develop it. With these various options, Gamecubator Labs would like to provide multiple partnership opportunities for all the publishers / developers / investors.



The Open Feedback Session:

Re-iterating the company’s policy of ‘OFDTM’ (Open Feedback Direct To Management), the open house session had a dedicated session to listen out to the issues faced by the employees, any general grievances faced by the employees and finalized steps to fix the same within a week. Also, in this session, suggestions to improve the working process faster were also discussed. A session mixed with both humor and seriousness was experienced by the participants of this session.

Gamecubator Labs believes in a flat hierarchy and everyone's opinion is treated equally. One of the honest feedbacks in the open feedback session was the lack of Saturday holidays and that the people were not able to plan out holidays to relax in the weekend because of the same. The management took a calculated discussion to announce that the alternate Saturdays would be holidays for all employees. The new holiday system was to make sure that employees could give their 100% while they are at office even if it is a weekend and not get into the weekend mood and decrease their productivity and also be less happy.


The company further plans to have an open house session every month to make sure the entire team is on the same page with respect to development, testing and marketing and business goals.

Stay happy. Be heard. Work at Gamecubator Labs. 
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